Genome Sequencing and Analysis Facility

Genome Sequencing and Analysis Facility (GSAF)

Supported by the CSSB and the Texas Institute for Drug & Diagnostic Development, the Genomic Sequencing and Analysis Facility performs next-generation sequencing and microarray studies for UT researchers from any department and for external research entities. The facility hosts the Illumina Hi-Seq and Mi-Seq, Life Technologies SOLiD 4/5, and Roche 454 FLX next-generation sequencers, and has the capability to process Nimblegen, Agilent, and internally-created DNA microarrays for analysis of both DNA and RNA molecular populations by hybridization and one- or two-color fluorescent scanning.  Learn more>

Core facilities for DNA sequencing, protein & metabolite analysis, and microscopy are also located in the Molecular Biology Building.