Ilya Finkelstein

Assistant Professor in Chemistry and Biochemistry
Main Office:MBB 3.422

Genomic DNA acts as the blueprint for life and all organisms have evolved complex protein machines that faithfully maintain our genetic material. Genomic instability, which arises from defects in these proteins, is a defining feature of most cancers. Elucidating the mechanisms of DNA maintenance is therefore fundamental to the understanding of the molecular basis of many cancer types.

The Finkelstein research program provides an interdisciplinary approach combining aspects of single-molecule biophysics, molecular biology and micro-/nano-scale engineering to understand how organisms are able to maintain their genomic integrity. To increase understanding of this essential problem, the Finkelstein team develops new techniques that allow for the direct observation, in real time, of key biochemical reactions as they occur on DNA.

Research Scientists
  • Greg Hild – lab manager
  • Ignacio Gallardo
  • Aaron Robison
Graduate Students
  • Max Brown
  • Vanessa Landsteiner
  • Logan Myler
Undergraduate Students
  • Kameron Azarm