Jeffrey Barrick

Assistant Professor in Chemistry and Biochemistry
Main Office:MBB 1.436

Barrick is broadly interested in understanding evolution as a creative force. His lab uses experiments with populations of bacteria, biomolecules, and digital organisms to study the fundamental constraints and opportunities common to evolving systems. They formulate and test new biological organizing principles from a systems perspective that integrates ecology, population genetics, genomics, molecular biology, biochemistry, and computer science. Ultimately, the Barrick lab will apply these principles to study microbial populations and genome architectures in the wild and in clinical settings, and to manipulate evolution to engineer solutions to medical and biotechnological challenges.

Research Scientists
  • Craig Barnhart – lab manager
Visiting Scientists
  • Pyung Cheon Lee
  • Daniel Deatherage
  • Dennis Mishler
Graduate Students
  • Lindsey Wolf
  • Brian Renda
  • Michael Hammerling
  • Austin Meyer
  • Neil Gottel
  • Vinicio Reynoso
  • Alvaro Rodriguez
  • Gabriel Suarez
Undergraduate Students
  • Aurko Dasgupta
  • Jaime Kepner
  • Salma Omar
  • Pruthali Kulkarni
  • Tyler Fields
  • Farhana Haque