Tiffany Carmichael

Program Coordinator

  • Main Office: MBB 3.104
  • Phone : 512.232.3426
  • Email :

Tiffany has been with the center since July of 2013 and primarily focuses on managing the center’s fiances as well as grant compliance. As the center’s program coordinator she also serves as the point of contact for those who have general inquires for the center. By Grabthar’s hammer…what a savings.

Jessie Heller

Administrative Associate – Post Award Administrator

  • Main Office : MBB 3.156
  • Phone : 512.471.2159
  • Email :

Jessie joined the center in August 2015. As the post award administrator, she handles grant compliance, making sure the center and grant agencies have all the information they need to keep the funds rolling.

Kim Lohman

Administrative Associate – Purchasing

  • Email :

Kim has been with the center since July 2015 as our purchaser. She processes and creates orders, resolves complex issues that arise associated with orders, and manages physical inventory. She also provides administrative support and backup for overflow of accounting tasks and HR tasks. Kim moved from Michigan to Texas to get away from the snow and now she can play kickball and softball year round.


Jeremiah Paulus

Grants & Contracts Specialist

  • Main Office: MBB 3.156
  • Phone: 512.232.0844
  • Email:

Jeremiah has a Ph.D. in cellular and molecular biology. He assists with grant writing, preparation and submission.


Sean Provost

Computer User Services Specialist

  • Main Office: MBB 3.106
  • Phone: 512.232.2632
  • Email:

Part of the IT crowd. Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Jorge Villafana

Administrative Associate – HR-Travel

  • Main Office: MBB 3.424AA
  • Phone: 512-232-6046
  • Email: