New Publications for the Week of April 27, 2014

Qian Y, Kachroo AH, Yellman CM, Marcotte EM, Johnson KA (2014).  Yeast cells expressing the human mitochondrial DNA polymerase reveal correlations between polymerase fidelity and human disease progression.  J Biol Chem.  289(9):5970-85 | PubMed

Davidson EA, Meyer AJ, Ellefson JW, Levy M, Ellington AD (2014).  An in vitro autogene.  ACS Synth Biol.  1(5):190-6 | PubMed

Romero PA, Stone E, Lamb C, Chantranupong L, Krause A, Miklos AE, Hughes RA, Fechtel B, Ellington AD, Arnold FH, Georgiou G (2014).  SCHEMA-designed variants of human Arginase I and II reveal sequence elements important to stability and catalysis.  ACS Synth Biol.  1(6):221-8 | PubMed

Lee JY, Finkelstein IJ, Arciszewska LK, Sherratt DJ, Greene EC (2014).  Single-Molecule Imaging of FtsK Translocation Reveals Mechanistic Features of Protein-Protein Collisions on DNA.  Mol Cell.  [Epub ahead of print] | PubMed