CSSB supports only high school iGEM team in Texas

Local students from the Liberal Arts and Science Academy in Austin, Texas, one of only 11 high school teams in North America, have been spending the summer in UT’s Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology’s Ellington Lab developing a bacteria …

New Publications for the Week

Zhao A, Tsechansky M, Swaminathan J, Cook L, Ellington AD, Marcotte EM (2013).  ”Transiently transfected purine biosynthetic enzymes form stress bodies.”  PLoS One.  8(2):e56203  |  Pubmed Zhou L, Zhang AB, Wang R, Marcotte EM, Vogel C (2013).  ”The proteomic response …

New Publication for The Week

Covert AW 3rd, Lenski RE, Wilke CO, Ofria C (2013).  Experiments on the role of deleterious mutations as stepping stones in adaptive evolution.  PNAS.  Epub ahead of print |  Pubmed  |  PNAS

Hot Science, Cool Talks: Ellington talks Self-Diagnostics

April 4th, 2013 -Despite minor advancements, the ability to monitor and maintain our health remains largely dependent on the intervention of the medical community.  Drawbacks are already apparent in low-income communities where medical staff and resources are stretched thin.  In light …

You can view the webcast of his lecture at the ESI website.