Enzymatics and UT Austin Collaborate to Develop Room-Temperature-Stable Library Construction Kits

BEVERLY, MA (March 14, 2013)—Enzymatics, Inc., (www.enzymatics.com) announced that, in collaboration with scientists from UT Austin (including Dr. Andrew Ellington) it has developed a portfolio of Room Temperature Stable Library Construction Kits for the Illumina sequencing platform and is developing kits for the Ion Torrent platform. Enzymatics has filed patents on the proprietary room temperature stable library technology that has been shown to exceed performance of existing liquid-format library preparation kits by reducing reagent pipetting by 30%, simplifying library construction workflows and increasing application success rates.  The kits can be stored at ambient temperatures, obviating the cold chain and dramatically reducing storage, logistics and validation costs.

Enzymatics’ new Room Temperature Stable Library Construction Kits feature master-mixed, lyophilized reagent mixes that are precisely aliquoted and QC tested, reducing pipetting and increasing experimental reproducibility. Lyophilization enables the kits to be stored at ambient temperatures, eliminating the need for dry ice shipping, freezer storage and lab bench ice buckets.

A typical library construction kit must be maintained at -20°C and ships in a large container with 20 pounds of dry-ice.  This cold-chain requirement is wasteful and increases the risk associated with the product.  Our Room Temperature Stable Library Construction Kits ship worldwide in an ordinary box and sit on the shelf until needed. Enzymatics is thrilled to be able to say that we’ve built an environmentally-friendly product that improves the quality and efficiency of the science it’s there to perform.  Now we’re looking for great commercial partners to help us revolutionize the market, so please contact us to learn more!

-Enzymatics CEO Jon DiVincenzo

Enzymatics’ Room Temperature Stable Library Construction Kits include dried-down master mixes to perform the end-repair through ligation steps in DNA library construction.  The products will be configured to support either the Illumina or Ion Torrent sequencing platforms, are manufactured in the USA under an ISO 13485:2003 Quality System, and are validated for performance using DNA sequencing.

Original article was published in the Genome Web’s daily news.