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New Publications for the Week

Zhao A, Tsechansky M, Swaminathan J, Cook L, Ellington AD, Marcotte EM (2013).  ”Transiently transfected purine biosynthetic enzymes form stress bodies.”  PLoS One.  8(2):e56203  |  Pubmed Zhou L, Zhang AB, Wang R, Marcotte EM, Vogel C (2013).  ”The proteomic response …

New Publication for The Week

Covert AW 3rd, Lenski RE, Wilke CO, Ofria C (2013).  Experiments on the role of deleterious mutations as stepping stones in adaptive evolution.  PNAS.  Epub ahead of print |  Pubmed  |  PNAS

Hot Science, Cool Talks: Ellington talks Self-Diagnostics

April 4th, 2013 -Despite minor advancements, the ability to monitor and maintain our health remains largely dependent on the intervention of the medical community.  Drawbacks are already apparent in low-income communities where medical staff and resources are stretched thin.  In light …

You can view the webcast of his lecture at the ESI website.

Dr. Ellington Helps Pioneer a New Freshman Research Initiative

The Freshman Research Initiative The integration of cutting-edge research with education both engages scientists and is critical to improving American competitiveness in science. The University of Texas at Austin has developed an innovative, groundbreaking, faculty-initiated program to tap the considerable …