Marvin Whiteley

Professor in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Main Office:NMS 3.124

The Whiteley Lab uses a multifaceted approach to study two important aspects of infectious disease: chronic infections and polymicrobial infections. By combining gene expression analysis and whole-genome shotgun sequencing, Dr. Whitely is identifying traits that promote chronic infection and common bacterial mutations that promote long-term host colonization. Ongoing studies in Dr. Whiteley’s lab are identifying genes and secreted molecules that enhance polymicrobial synergy, and virulence traits that could be exploited as novel drug targets.

Research Scientists
  • Aaron Conrado – lab manager
  • Byron Barksdale
  • Sueyshen
  • Jodi Connell
  • Keith Turner
Graduate Students
  • Holly Huse
  • Peter Jorth
  • Aimee Wessel
  • Apollo Stacy
  • Justine Murray