Edward Marcotte


Email: marcotte@icmb.utexas.edu
Main Office:MBB 3.148

The Marcotte group studies the large-scale organization of proteins, essentially trying to reconstruct the ‘wiring diagrams’ of cells by learning how all of the proteins encoded by a genome are associated into functional pathways, systems, and networks. Such models let us better define the functions of genes, and to link genes to traits and diseases, as we have shown for a variety of developmental processes including angiogenesis, neural crest, and neural tube development. The research is evenly split between experimental and computational approaches, with the former tending to be high-throughput functional genomics and proteomics approaches for studying thousands of genes/proteins in parallel, including mass spectrometry and automated fluorescence microscopy.

Research Scientists
  • Daniel Boutz
  • Zhihua Li
  • Ophelia Papoulas
  • Chris Yellman
Visiting Scientists
  • Zack Simpson
  • Matt Cowperthwaite
  • So Hyun Hwang
  • Aashiq Kachroo
  • Yung Ki Park
  • Taejoon Kwon
Graduate Students
  • Blake Borgeson
  • Hye Ji Cha
  • Andrew Horton
  • Jon Laurent
  • Jagannath Swaminathan
  • Gabriel Wu
  • Jonathan Young
  • Alice Zhao